Carla Laemmle

(October 20, 1909 — June 12, 2014)

The niece of Universal Studios founder Carl Laemmle, she danced as the prima ballerina in The Phantom of the Opera (1925) and spoke the first line of dialogue in the first sound horror film, Dracula (1931). May she rest in peace and be forever remembered.

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Trippy Underwater Alice in Wonderland Photos

These beautiful photos taken by photographer Elena Kalis of her daughter dressed as Alice in Wonderland will have you mesmerized. Click here to see more!


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Magnus Plessen

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The Clash helps some of their fans to sneak in before a concert.

this is how you do music right.

I love this so much. Like how stoked would you be if a band you loved helped you sneak into a big show of theirs?

I’ve heard this story before and love that they did this. Stop me if you heard this other one:
The Ramones were playing in England and before the show they were hanging out in the dressing room when someone tossed a stone at the window. They looked out to see some young punks who wanted to get into the show but didn’t have money for tickets. The Ramones reached down and pulled the guys up and got them in. Those young punks without tickets were to become The Clash.
Good to hear they kept it going.

Awesome. I just asked Topper Headon about this! He said he wasn’t part of the story above and didn’t know anything about that but said they used to let in fans all the time because “the fucking establishment with their health and safety” haha! And they used to let fans stay in their hotel as well if they didn’t have anywhere to stay. 

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BC, London - 26/11/2013

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